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        Jinhua Hao Xiang Auto Parts Co., Ltd. is located in the center city of Zhejiang, the beautiful Jinhua Our factory was founded in 1990, it is an enterprise professionally produces front and rear brake discs and brake drums for various kinds of cars and commercial vehicles, it now owns more than 300 employees as well as modern and advanced process technology detection production equipments, such as Japan Koyo fully-automatic level model assembly lines, fully-automatic sand processing, intermediate frequency electric furnaces, precision CNC lathes, OB spectrometers, material analysis, hardness, and tensile testing machines. We have advanced manufacturing level and perfect product testing facilities.

        Quality assurance

        Quality assurance
        Quality policy: adhere to the customer first, pursue continuous innovation; create perfect quality and impr...[Read More]

        News Center

        News Center
        Auto parts replacement points 2019-06-04

        Auto parts replacement points First, try to use the sealant, you can use the ...

        Auto parts classification 2019-06-04

        Auto parts classification engine system (filter engine assembly cooling system p...

        Auto parts maintenance 2019-06-04



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